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It's so easy to think about love, to talk about love, to wish for love... But it's not always easy, to recognize love, even when we hold it in our hands...



{::}Berhenti Berharap...{::}

They run from my eyes
Carving lines across my face
Breaking through my armor
Making me cold

These tears wont stop
These tears for you
They break through my armor
They bring me down

These tears can't be undone
Like a dream that can be undreamed
No matter how much you try they will never fade
They never leave

These tears are for you
But you'll never see them
When you're around my armors to thick
Not even these tears can break it

I wish you would see
What this has done to me
I try my hardest to tell you
But all I can do is cry

Alone with no one
Alone with myself
It isn't fare to make you cry
So I'll wear these tears for us both
I love you...

4 Tinta Menari Bersama...:

Rusty said...

sedih na juak bunyi..berhenti berharap,tapi jgn putus asa...

Anonymous said...

aku behenti berharap namun masih percaya ada sinar di sebalik semua ini.

Khairul Antasha said...

kmk tauk ktk kuat embun..bertabah..bersabar...

eMBuN_mALaM said...

Rusty, mena kata ktk...

Ken, kata ktk pun menaaa...

Krol, mmg kmk kuat tp kmk setabah ktk kata... kmk masih akan menangis wpun ada org mdh kmk sorg laki pun xlayak utk airmata wanita... tp hakikatnya... yalah wanita... mudah menangis wpun sekuat ne nya...


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